The Writer



Hi there!

I’m Rizky Inayati, you can call me Kiky. I’m Indonesian and having ENFJ personality.

I’m 24 years old and recently just decided to bring my blog back to life after 2 years (or more) leaving it behind. It won’t be easy for me to post a lot of writings, thou. Because adulthood life is sometimes…..tiring. But yeah, I’m starting to write again. (Let’s see whether it could stay for a long time or not)

I love taking pictures! However, now I only got the chance to take a lot of pictures when I travel somewhere. Sad but, I still got a lot of things to be grateful about. Anyway, why don’t you try to visit my instagram account, @rizkyinayati? 🙂

Why in english? Well, it’s not mandatory. When I’m in the mood, I may use Bahasa Indonesia to write. I’m just trying to practice my english writing skill. (I mean it) Correct me if I’m wrong at grammar or phrase or even typo error, you’re welcome to do so.

And most importantly, you’re free to ask questions! I love to share. So please, do enjoy the blog!